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Bloxorz 2

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If you are looking for a new educational game with a tougher challenge, you can consider the Bloxorz 2. According to DxInteractive (the game's developer), Bloxorz 2 is a smart game for smart people. It requires you to calculate your moves and use your gaming skills to move through the levels to the finish point.

The new version has the same mission as its predecessor- Bloxorz. You are supposed to move your block or cube towards the red, square hole. The objective is to remove or clear all the tiles by rolling your block on them. The goal is to get your cube in the hole after clearing all the tiles.

Bloxorz 2 comes with 30 levels. In order to move from one level to another, you must clear all the tiles in the current level. Some levels come with bridges and switches to help you navigate with much ease. These two features are activated by pressing the block on them. Some switches are hard to activate, you need to apply much more pressure to close them. Other switches can teleport your cube to different locations or split it into smaller blocks.

When it comes to the tiles, the orange ones are easier to clear compared to all the other tiles. They are quite fragile and will disappear easily when your block stands up vertically on them. The green and red colored tiles offer bigger challenge when it comes to crashing them. You will need to stand your block on their edges to clear them.

To move your block in Bloxorz 2, you need to use the Right, Left, Up & Down arrow keys. You can also control it with your mouse. You must ensure that the cube doesn't fall off the edges to avoid restarting the level. Use the Spacebar to select which block to use. In addition, get the passcode for each level from the top right corner of the screen. Bloxorz 2 is best way to train your skills and thinking abilities.

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